Misted unit replacement

double glazing before and after repairs in nottinghamA ‘misted’ unit is where condensation appears between the two panes of glass, a failure which can occur for a variety of reasons. Double glazed glass panes are separated by a hollow extruded spacer bar which is filled with a desiccant and sealed in position. The desiccant removes any residual moisture in the air space between the panes. The main reason for a sealed glazed unit to break down is time and the environment. The sun, wind and hot and cold temperatures make the sealed unit constantly expand and contract acting like a pump slowing sucking in and releasing air from between the glass panes. Eventually the desiccant that is within the space becomes saturated and can no longer remove moisture from the air within a unit. This leads to condensation between the panes. Other reasons for unit failure may be that the sealed unit has been badly manufactured or incorrectly fitted when your windows were installed.


Unfortunately this is a problem that all property owners, who have installed double glazing, will eventually face but it is a problem that can be simply resolved.

It is important to replace or repair your sealed units. When the sealed unit has broken down the insulating effect is greatly reduced. The longer you leave it the more damage occurs. Mist becomes water droplets that deposit mineral residue marking the glass and causing permanent glass damage.

double glazing before and after repairs in nottinghamAsk us for a quote today.  All you have to do is give us the dimensions of your sealed unit.

1. Measure the glass excluding the frame.

2. Measure both vertically and horizontally.

3. Call us, or email us, for an approximate price for replacing or repairing the unit.


If the price sounds reasonable our friendly staff will then come out to have a look and give you a quote.



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